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# Care Outshines The Rest #

App Design For Rare Blood Organization

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Design Introduction

Design Statement

Design Duration

This project focuses rare blood group, which is an exploration of using design methods to solve social welfare problem. Based on the current orgnization, we combine rare blood people, and help the hospital manage the rare blood donation. In China there are many different rare blood organization, after interviewing with their capital, we refine current management pain points and design opportunity. We want to be an ice breaker to increase the social attention. 

May. 2021 - Dec. 2021

Design Team

Personal project

Design Decription

Design Tools


In this project, I focus on a particular group in China. Rare blood groups now face many problems, like difficulty using blood, low social attention, and the health risks of people with rare blood types themselves. During talking with rare blood welfare orgnazation, and test current websites/APPs, I refine some design pain points and make a summary. After brainstorming, I redesign the APP and website, which could better help rare blood group.



Adobe XD

Design Process

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Desktop Research

Design Background

A rare blood type is a rare or uncommon blood type. This blood type not only exists in the ABO blood type system but there are also some rarer blood types in the periodic blood type system. With the in-depth study of blood group serology, scientists have established rare blood group systems such as RH, MNSSU, P, KELL, KIDD, LUTHERAN, DEIGO, LEWIS, DUFFY, and a series of other rare blood types. RH blood type is the most clinically significant blood type system after discovering the ABO blood type.

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In China, few people pay attention to rare blood groups, which leads to clinical blood use difficulty. Rare blood people form groups spontaneously to help each other, including knowledge popularization and blood using recourse. There are some websites for rare blood groups, but most people use social media to connect, like WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Weibo, etc.  

Competitive Analysis


SWOT Analysis


Industry Research

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  • According to future medical tendencies, we make a forecast that, social media will become another way for people to get medical help, including diagnosis, recourse and knowledge popularization. And based on research, we find that few people in the rare blood group. There are some different ways for rare blood groups to get some relative information, like some websites. But most rare blood people are connected by some social media, like Wechat, QQ, Facebook, and Weibo. Those channels are not effective and efficient. Because many medical agencies have APPs for patients, we want to develop a special media for rare blood people, which could better help them in daily life.

User Research

Based on our desktop research, we have some preliminary understanding of rare blood groups. And for better comprehend user need, we conduct remote interview with different user, including rare blood people, doctor and welfare website manager.

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Function Planning

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Concept Transformation

Information Structure 

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Low-Fi Prototype

MacBook Pro - 17.png

Prototype Test

We invited target users to help us evaluate the prototype and the interaction structure. 

Test Process

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Test Feedback

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Design Delivery

Final Information Sturcture

MacBook Pro - 16.png

Visual Design

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Interface Design


Log in & sign up

Users firstly log in to the App with their account or other social accounts. As a new user, one should sign up and fill in their information.

Home page

Users could see the emergency recourse on the home page, click more detailed information, and then make a reservation. They could see their WECHO track. They could check where the blood goes.


Users can browse the donation list and see the details. They can check the donation status to decide whether they could book a donation. During the booking process, WECHO could show the navigation, and users could choose their available time. Besides, users could publish a recourse. They need to fill in the basic information and some certifications from the hospital. To protect user privacy, WECHO will not show every information detail.

Recourse Page

Communication Page

WECHO will publish some knowledge and news related to rare blood groups. Users can also view posts of friends to obtain relevant information.


Profile Page & Dashboard

Users could see their basic information and edit them. Besides, WECHO can record all donations and public history. And your collections and likes will be shown on the setting page.


Chat Box

This category is designed to become a communication channel. Users could join unions as volunteers.



Example of notification and home page.

Mockup Display

mock up.png
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