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Smart Mirror

# Your personal AI friend #

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Design Introduction

Design Statement

Design Duration

Feb. 2021 - May. 2021

This project is the outcome of interactive studio class. This class aimed to use design research and product design to slove some complex problems from IOT ptoducts aspects.

Design Team

Guanhua Sun

Concept Summary

Dani Winecoff

Design Tools

We define this product as an AI friend for females. The mirror could read users' emotions and give some feedback. It could follow people's using habits and gradually form the personal using mode. Users could talk with the mirror and the mirror will keep their “secrets”. It can provide beauty guidance for users as well as some life tips. Users could also upload their own videos to the software. Besides, the application could record your browsing preference and generate your subscription channel. A weekly calendar can help users to check out their plans. 




After Effect

Target User

My Role


This project is design for young women between (22-32 years old) who are living alone.

UI Design

3D Rendering

Design Background

The Rise of 



Whether it is variety shows, film and television dramas, or news reports, the "feminist" culture that focuses on women's life, workplace, and self-worth realization in 2020 has become a phenomenon-level topic, which has aroused heated discussion among the public. In fact, both the rise of "feminist culture" and the prosperity of "female economy" in recent years have revealed the awakening of women's self-consciousness in real life.

"Female Subjects" focuses on the needs of women and provides women with a kind of spiritual comfort and guidance in life. The stories of  "They" on the screen form a spiritual connection with women in reality, which touches their inner world.

Frame 4.png

·There are more female audiences on video platforms than males, and since 2020, variety shows, movies, and TV themes have also been from the perspective of women, focusing on women's issues.

Frame 3.png
Frame 5.png

The gathering of the content of "Female Subjects" is also closely related to the "Female Economy" development. Due to the improvement of women's education level and employment situation, women's income has increased which makes the status of female consumers more and more important.

After investigation, we found that there is huge potential in the female consumer market. We focus on the female group, analyze the current situation of women, look for group pain points, and extract design opportunities.

Daily Pressure

The three significant pressures of modern professional women come from family, interpersonal relationships, and work. Women face pressure in the workplace, and how to relieve societal pressure is large issue.

Beauty Anxiety

These days women pay more attention to their beauty through makeup, dressing up, and fitness. Some women prefer some professional guidance, but being busy with work limits their choice.

Living Alone

Women living alone have become the norm in society. Women look forward to the quietness brought about by living alone, but long-term living alone can also lead to loneliness.

  • Problem statement

Our research shows that women are under tremendous pressure in many aspects, including work, life, and even appearance. We hope we could use design method deal with problems that women face and encourage them to engage in the society.

User Research

User Interview

Group 1.png

We conducted user interviews to understand current life problems, how users live alone, and their anxieties surrounding beauty.

 Eight young women agreed to be interviewed. A casual format was used, but specific questions were chosen to probe the users.

Interview Questions

·How do you feel about living alone/isolated?
·How do you feel about IOT products for/in the home?
·What sort of pressure do you feel frequently?
·How would you like to utilize an empathetic/smart friend product?
·What aspects of a friend would you like to see reflected in the AI?
·Are you most interested in an “inner beauty/feelgood” product or a “fit the beauty standard” product?
·What sort of beauty gurus/advice channels do you follow from video websites/apps(Youtube, Tiktok, Bilibili)?
·What do you think about our concept?

User Interview

MacBook Pro - 100.png

Interview Results

MacBook Pro - 8.png
  • Summary

Based on our user interview and user research, we refined our current pain points and design opportunity. We redefined our design direction and made a persona and journey for this design concept.



Journey Map

MacBook Pro - 21.png

Brain Storm

Mind Map


Design Transformation

Based on our design research, we imagined how we could transform the design. We made 3D model and interface design. The killing feature of our design is about beauty guidance. This smart mirror is defined as an AI friend for females who could know users better and provide some support in their daily life.

Form Exploration

After exploration of different sample, we decided to use bubble as final form. Users can change the position of bubbles and interactive with mirror.

bubble 1.png
bubble_bedroom_nocolor 1.png

3D Prototype

assembly3 1.png
assembly4 1.png

Low-Fi UI prototype

MacBook Pro - 1.png

User Flow

Frame 2.png

User Test

The user interface design of the home page was printed and pasted onto a cardboard prototype of the product. This allowed for the home page to be tested as part of the physical prototype. Each bubble was able to move freely around the central mirror. Figma was used to create the user interface prototype. We recruited six volunteers in this test.

MacBook Pro - 101.png
  • Summary

Some participants are interested in the concept we delivered. However, they hope to add more persoanl connection between the mirror and themselves. Besides, during testing, some of our participants think we should try to make the systerm more intellegent. And also based on our physical proryrype, they recommended the size and hanging height. 

Design Delivery


Rendering 3.jpg
Rendering 2.jpg

Interface Design

MacBook Pro - 102.png

Interface Prototype

Commercial Video

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