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Multi-function Buoys On Offshore Farms

# Agriculture Revitalization Project #

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Design Introduction

Design Background

Design Duration

May. 2018 - Nov. 2018 

This project was collaborated with Agriculture Science and Research Institute of Shandong Province. The whole design concept was based on their main concern with offshore farm. And with the results of their research, we decided to used design method to solve it.

Design Team

Guanhua Sun

Zhiwei Fu

Research Team

Design Summary

Design Tools


It is designed to serve Marine farmers who temporarily live in the sea, optimize the living conditions of Marine farmers, and provide them with enough fresh water for living. The device is partially floating on the surface of the sea, inhaling seawater through capillarity, filtering it in the chamber and storing it in a water capsule. The rotor and solar panels provide the power. The top anemometer monitors the wind speed of the sea breeze.



My Roles

Design research

Product design

Design Reasearch

Based on agricultural science research institute of shandong province real topic project, to meet the offshore farms division, ecological environment monitoring, and integrated navigation, shipping requirements, to improved design of existing buoy, in order to meet the market demand of the rapid development of the offshore aquaculture, at the same time as long-term Marine monitoring modular units, coastal ecological Marine data accumulation.

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Problem Statement

Marine aquaculture has brought a lot of benefits to the coastal areas, and many farmers choose to live temporarily on the sea in order to better work. However, in recent years, the consequences of fishermen's exhaustion of water for fishing have gradually emerged. The problems caused by excessive aquaculture, such as pollution of Marine ecological environment and obstruction of waterways, have seriously affected the lives of fishermen.


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Design Orientation

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Design Exploration

Design Inspiration




Design Delivery





Generating coil and battery

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Section View

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Physical Model


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